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1300-100 Puff Concentrate Additive
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Triangle Ink Item #: TRI1300100 -

    Add up to fifteen percent (15%) to give a raised effect. Fully cure ink at 315ºF to 330ºF to ensure maximum durability and abrasion resistance.  Use a 60-85 Mesh Screen.

    Soft Hand Base
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    Atlas Screen Supply (INK) Item #: AI000900 -

      Atlas Soft Hand Base is a clear base used to extend and soften most plastisol ink.  It will increase the flow of the ink and the hand. Use approximately 10%-20% to improve the hand.  The more added to the ink the more it effects the opacity.  Most inks are highly pigmented and can be reduced without it effecting the color. Please Note: The addition of Atlas Soft Hand Base reduces the bleed resistance of low bleed inks. ...

      1110NP Curable Reducer non-pthalate, curable reducer, international coatings
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      International Coatings Item #: IC1110 -

        1110 NP (Non-Phthalate) Curable reducer lowers the viscosity of plastisol inks without affecting the fusing characteristics. When adding reducers to any plastisol ink, use a minimal amount of reducer to help maintain opacity. The recommended proportion of 1110 reducer to ink is 1% to 10% by weight. Please Note: 1110 reducer should not be used in low bleed inks as it can lower the bleed resistance of those type inks. ...

        1180-51 Curable Reducer Detackifier
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        Triangle Ink Item #: TRI111851 -

          Tri-Flex 1180-51 is recommended for use with the Triangles white inks, this is formulated for reducing the viscosity of the white inks quickly with small amounts. This product will reduce both viscosity and tact in any ink, it is recommended not to exceed 10-15% by weight as the more you use it will have an effect on opacity of the ink. The recommended 10% will reduce the white’s viscosity with minimal loss of opacity. This product can also be used with the Tri-Flex...

          3804 Low-Cure Additive low cure, ink, additive, international coatings
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          International Coatings Item #: IC3804 -

            3804 PF (Phthalate Free) Low Cure Additive lowers the curing or fusion temperatures of most plastisol based inks to less than 300°F (149°C). Use the 3804 PF Low Cure Additive when printing onto temperature and color sensitive fabrics such as 100% polyester or non-woven polypropylene bags.  Recommended addition of 5% to 6% by weight. To obtain optimum performance, the additive must be thoroughly dispersed into the ink being modified. For use on 100% cotton, poly/cotton blends, and 100%...

            500LF Quick Trans Additive
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            International Coatings Item #: 500 -

              500LF Quick Trans Additive can be added to multipurpose plastisols to convert inks to a hot split or hot peel transfer ink. Add by volume, 1 part additive to 3 parts ink. Mix thoroughly. Excessive amounts of additive will reduce the opacity of the mixed ink.

              Transfer Powder
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              Item #: TP2 -

                Atlas Transfer Powder is a finely ground adhesive resin specifically manufactured to increase heat transfer opacity and adhesion. To apply, screen print mirror image onto transfer paper, generously sift Atlas Transfer Powder over entire image, hold paper by edge and allow excess powder to fall off.  Tech Sheet Size: 2.5lbs Container ...

                3802 Foil Resist foil, resist, ink
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                International Coatings Item #: IC3802 -

                  3802LF Foil Resist Additive can be mixed with most standard plastisols to make the ink resist foil during application of the foil in a heat press.  Add a maximum 10% to 15% by weight. For best foil application results, it is important to heat apply foil within 24 hours of printing and while the print is warm.

                  FlexCure Guardian Gray
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                  International Coatings Item #: IC7043 -

                    7043 Guardian Gray is a bleed blocking non-phthalate plastisol underbase for use on 100% polyester or other textile fabrics where dye migration is a severe problem. For use on 100% polyester, polyester/cotton blends, and sublimated dyed fabricsHigh-pigmented, very opaque ink Very creamy, short bodied ink, with low tack for ease of printing Cures between 275°F-325°F for 1 minuteNon-Phthalate ...

                    720 Softhand Clear Base soft hand, modifier, clear base, international coatings
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                    International Coatings Item #: IC720LF -

                      720 Softhand Clear Base is a super clear, curable extender base plastisol. This product is formulated to soften, extend and increase flow characteristics of most plastisol inks.How to Use 720 Softhand Clear720 Softhand Clear Base can be added to the 700 Series, Multipurpose, 1100 Series, 7600 Series and 800 Series inks for improved hand, cost and printability. 720 is very clear and is highly recommended for extending any process color, especially the Pro-Brite™ Process Colors.For a...