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Thermoflex Sport
MSRP:  $33.00
Price: $29.70
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Item #: 26CSP -

    ThermoFlex® Sport is a durable, thick film designed to bridge the gaps in open-mesh athletic jerseys. It is designed for pressing at relatively low (300° F - 320° F) temperature and short dwell time (8-10 seconds) •Bridges the gaps in open-mesh athletic jerseys.•Durable, thick, and weeds easy.•Pressure-sensitive carrier enables repositioning.•Presses at low temperature for a shorter time, which minimizes dye migration ThermoFlex Sport will NOT adhere to nylon, dazzle cloth, shiny polyester or...

    ThermoFlex Xtra
    MSRP:  $44.95
    Price: $40.46
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    Item #: 26CTFX -

      ThermoFlex® Xtra is specially designed for decorating nylon, leather and other heat-sensitive surfaces. ThermoFlex® Xtra has incorporated the most desirable features of ThermoFlex® Plus: easy handling, cutting and weeding but with a thicker polyester carrier sheet and a low-tack carrier adhesive, enabling easy weeding without lifting the cut image from the carrier. ThermoFlex® Xtra will also adhere to some silicon-coated materials with sufficient surface texture to permit the adhesive to grip...

      GlitterFLex ultra
      MSRP:  $68.00
      Price: $61.20
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      Item #: 26CGFU -

        Introducing NEW Glitterflex Ultra! It has the widest color selection on the market: 30 amazing colors to be exact. This glitter product has an easy-to-use sticky carrier, which makes weeding a snap. It has actual glitter flakes encased in a high quality heat sealing adhesive. As GlitterFlex™ Ultra films are thicker than most of our other films, simply increase the downward pressure of your knife blade in order to ensure clean cuts and easy weeding.Easy to use pressure sensitive carrier...

        ThermoFlex Plus Heat TRansfer Vinyl
        MSRP:  $39.25
        Price: $35.33
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        Item #: 26CPLS -

          Our most popular heat transfer film. Compare the ease of weeding and applying ThermoFlex® Plus with competitive products and discover why so many professionals ask for it by name.ThermoFlex® Plus is a durable polyurethane based material that is highly flexible. It has a soft hand and strong grip and if applied properly will outlast the life of the garment.Available in 43 colors with a matte finish, 6 colors with a glossy finish and 6 metal flake colors to match all your popular sports...

          HotMelt Blue Foil Adhesive
          Price: $31.50
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          Item #: 26CSMCCH100 -

            HotMelt Blue is used to bond foil to garments. It has a blue tinit due to having a protective liner that you peel back before plotting and heat pressing. For use with Cotton, uncoated Polyester, Cotton/Polyester, Polyester/Acrylic User Guide

            ColorPrint Solvent/Ecosol White 24" x 5yds
            MSRP:  $81.00
            Price: $72.90
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            Item #: 26CCPS2160 -

              For printing with solvent and eco-solvent inkjet printers For soft hand, stretch and durability. For use with colored textile garments.ColorPrint™ Solvent/Eco-solvent films are polyurethane transfer materials designed for printing with solvent or eco-solvent inkjet printers, such as the Mimaki JV3, JV33 and JV5, the Roland HiFi and AJ 1000 and the HP DesignJet 8000, 9000 and 10000 contour cutting plotters, in addition to printing and cutting on the Roland VersaCAMM line of print and cut...