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Caseys Translucency
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CASEYS' TRANSLUCENCY is a high-quality vellum like paper designed for laser printers and copiers. Screen Printers use this laser printer output as a positive for burning screens. This is an inexpensive alternative to using a camera and film. Why? Because Caseys' Translucency is less expensive than film and saves the cost of a camera. Caseys' is also more durable and more stable than other vellums, meaning it won't shrink and wreck your separations. Finally, Caseys' Translucency is designed...

Infinite Black Laser Film
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Infinite Black Laser Film was created for screen printers who require high quality but low cost. Infinite Black is great for multi-color designs where registration is crucial. Save money by switching to Infinite Black for your film positives. Features •A special surface coating enhances toner adhesion, producing high density UV resistant images at lower levels of toner consumption. •The translucent nature of Infinite Black Laser Film reduces exposure time. •Superior dimensional and heat...

Kimoto Laser Film
Price: $115.12
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It is possible to burn screens without the need for cameras, processors, or chemistry. Kimodesk is well suited for multi-color screen printing jobs when tight registration is critical. Save time and money by printing Kimodesk on your laser printer and exposing your screen. Key Benefits include:Polyester base imparts dimensional stability & heat resistance.Both sides printable with anti-static properties.Excellent Toner adhesion