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3809 FX Gel Gloss Clear is a non-phthalate plastisol based ink that produces a "wet" look when printed on top of other flashed plastisol inks.  FX Gel Gloss Clear can be used as a low tack glitter base for a “dry-look” or hand dipped effect.  FX Gel Gloss Clear can also be used as a clear carrier/adhesive for PVC or glass caviar beads.

    3809 and Foil

    3809 Clear Gloss Gel

    Recommended Fabrics:
    100% cotton, some  cotton/poly blends, some 100% polyester.

    How to Use:
    3809 FX Gel Gloss Clear should be printed right from the container without modification. Use as a final overprint (print-flash-print method) to produce a clear, glossy wet look. Do not print product wet-on-wet. 3809 FX Gel Gloss Clear can be used to give a HD or raised look. Use a 200 to 600 micron capillary film to achieve this. Test dryer temperatures and wash test printed product before and during a production run.

    Make sure 3809 FX Gel Gloss Clear is completely cured for best appearance. To maintain maximum gloss level when using 3809 FX Gel Gloss Clear, allow printed area to cool before stacking garments. Gloss levels may diminish if garments are stacked hot. For best durability, it is recommended that the printed garment be hand washed or machine washed (delicate cycle) inside out and dried with low heat. Do not use bleach or dry clean. Do not iron printed area.

    Screen Mesh and Emulsion:
    24-110 t/in 
    Any direct or indirect plastisol resistant emulsion; use 200 to 600 micron capillary film.

    65-75 Durometer, sharp edge. 

    Cure Temperatures:
    325°F fusion/cure temperature for entire ink film. The optimum time/temperature cycle will vary with the amount of ink deposited, fabric and the type of heat source used. Test dryer temperatures and wash test printed product before a production run.

    Any environmentally friendly plastisol screen wash.

    Keep inks indoor and store in a cool area. Recommended storage at 65°F to 90°F. Avoid storage in direct sunlight and keep containers well sealed.

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