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1180-67 Adhesive Powder is used in plastisol inks to promote adhesion. This powder can be used for both direct printing and transfers inks. When direct printing, this powder aids in obtaining good adhesion to nylon jackets and bags. When printing transfers this product can be used for adhesion on tight knit polyester fabrics. Product can be used in all Tri-Flex series colors, as well as, our transfer inks.

The 1180-67 powder should be added 10-15% by weight to the plastisol ink and mixed well. The ink should be printed through an 86-110 mesh. Once printed it needs to be cured at 315° F TO 330°F depending on ink deposit, ink color and dryer efficiency.

Does not harden like liquid versions of catalyst.  You can mix this powder into the ink and use later when needed.

Note: Due to variations in materials and shop environments user is responsible for suitability of product for the intended purpose and application.  

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