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1110 NP (Non-Phthalate) Curable reducer lowers the viscosity of plastisol inks without affecting the fusing characteristics. 

When adding reducers to any plastisol ink, use a minimal amount of reducer to help maintain opacity. The recommended proportion of 1110 reducer to ink is 1% to 10% by weight.

Please Note: 1110 reducer should not be used in low bleed inks as it can lower the bleed resistance of those type inks.

Recommended Fabrics: 
Match the reducer being used with the characteristics of the ink being modified.
For Example, LO-Bleed Reducer with Low Bleed Inks.

Screen Mesh:
Determined by the ink the reducer is mixed with

Any direct or indirect emulsion or capillary film in the 35 to 70 micron range

60-70 Durometer; Sharp, beveled or round depending on ink used

Cure Temperatures:
Determined by ink the reducer is mixed with

Any Eco-friendly plastisol screen wash

Storage of Ink Containers:
65° to 90°F - Avoid storage in direct sunlight; Keep containers well sealed

1100 Curable Reducer TDSPrintable Version
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