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3804 PF (Phthalate Free) Low Cure Additive lowers the curing or fusion temperatures of most plastisol based inks to less than 300°F (149°C). Use the 3804 PF Low Cure Additive when printing onto temperature and color sensitive fabrics such as 100% polyester or non-woven polypropylene bags. 

Recommended addition of 5% to 6% by weight. To obtain optimum performance, the additive must be thoroughly dispersed into the ink being modified.

  • For use on 100% cotton, poly/cotton blends, and 100% polyester.
  • Will lower the flash cure times for most plastisol based inks.
  • Recommended storage between 65°F and 90°F. Avoid storage in direct sunlight and keep containers well sealed.

Product Bulletin

*Due to the performance difference in inks that 3804 Low Cure Additive may be added to, it is strongly recommended that prior testing be completed before beginning production to help ensure proper performance of the combined products.

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