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A.W.T. Pro-Angle Scoop Coater
Price: $19.95
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AWT Item #: AWTSC -

    Coat Screens evenly and uniformly with Pro-Angle™ emulsion coaters. They are designed for easy and comfortable handling while providing a smooth layer of emulsion on your screen. The coating angle is designed on a perfect angle. It's calibrated to give you a perfect coating of emulsion every time.Made from hard anodized gold aluminum, enclosures are permanent for quick cleaning without leaking. Each coater has a special edge protector.Available in a full range of sizes for many different...

    Atlas Double Sided Scoop Coater
    Price: $10.00
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    Item #: SCOOP -

      Atlas scoop coaters feature a dual sided coating edge for either a sharp edge thin coat for higher screen mesh, or a rounded dull edge for coating lower mesh screens. Extruded from T6 aluminum this coater is easy to hold, sits easily on flat surface between coats, and holds a good amount of emulsion for lengthy coating sessions.The scoop coater comes complete with snapped and glued injection molded end caps, as well as a full top snap on dust cover.