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Ultra Soft Hand Base is a clear base used to extend and provide an Ultra Soft Feel to most plastisol ink.  A great additive to increase the printability of your ink and give an extremely soft hand to your garment.  Ultra Soft Hand Base is also a great product when printing items such as towels to give your product that soft touch.

Use approximately 10%-20% to improve the hand.  The more added to the ink the more it effects the opacity.  Most inks are highly pigmented and can be reduced without it effecting the color.

Please Note: The addition of Ultra Soft Hand Base reduces the bleed resistance of low bleed inks.

Cure Temperatures:

325°F Entire ink film. Fusion temperature may vary, depending on which inks Atlas Soft Hand Base is mixed into. 

Any eco-friendly plastisol screen wash

Storage of Ink Containers:
Keep inks indoor and store in a cool area. Recommended storage at 65° to 90°F. Avoid storage in direct sunlight or extreme temperature conditions.


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