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T-SEPS 2.0
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    T-Seps 2.0 is an automated color separation plugin for Adobe Photoshop. This software is exactly what you need to take your company to the next level. Imagine doing high-end separations in about one minute! You will be amazed at how good you look when you can do high-end printing on light and dark shirts. T-Seps the next generation of the popular program FastFilms. Get BONUS ITEMS (download only) with your purchase of T-Seps 2.0! This package includes: T-Seps 2.0 Color Separation Software -...

    T-Seps 3.0 Color Separation Software color separation software, t-seps
    Reg: $450.00
    Sale: $349.00
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      T-Seps 3.0 only works in Adobe Photoshop CS6 & CC** (Mac or PC)Version 3.0 & 3.5 offered in English only. For other languages, please use T-Seps 2.0. This package includes: T-Seps 3.0 Color Separation Software - Download OnlyT-Biz Art (Royalty Free Full Color Artwork) $149 VALUE - Download OnlyT-FX Special Effects Photoshop Plugin $99 VALUE - Download Only Introducing T-Seps 3.0 Separation Suite! Color Separations just got easier... For years and years T-Seps has worked in the Actions panel of...

      RIP Combo P400
      MSRP:  $1,350.44
      Price: $1,199.00
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        This package is for individuals or companies looking to create film positives for screen printing. Please Note: FilmMaker software is only compatible with PCs. Film RIP Combo Package: FilmMaker DTP 10 Dongled Version RIP Program ($495) This program will allow you to create film positives with unmatched dot accuracy and density. The dongled version can be installed on multiple computers and multiple times.**FREE 1 Hour " Getting Started" Training from CADlink - A one-on-one session is...

        T-Seps 3.5.5 Color Separation Software color separation, software, t-seps, screen printing
        Reg: $450.00
        Sale: $349.00
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        T-Biz Network Item #: TSEP355 -

          T-Seps 3.0, 3.5 and 3.5.5 have the same features and interface. T-Seps 3.5.5 was created to allow the separation software to function properly in Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 and the new CC 2015.5 (most recent update was June 21, 2016). T-Seps 3.5 and 3.5.1 were created previously to function with CC 2014 but the new upgrade to T-Seps (version 3.5.5) allows the separation software to function properly in 2014, 2015 and 2015.5 versions of CC, eliminating the need for T-Seps 3.5; Please, read below...

          FilmMaker 10 RIP Software rip, software, filmmaker, 10
          Price: $495.00
          Availability: Stock
          CADlink Item #: 24PRIPFMDTP10 -

            The latest version of FilmMaker provides the best quality and value in the inkjet film separation RIP software category. No other RIP vendors can claim the same combination of precision screening, optimum density levels, ease of use and job management workflow tools that FilmMaker provides to screenprinters. Here's just a sampling of some of the new features View the Brochure **FREE 1 Hour " Getting Started" Training from CADlink - A one-on-one session is provided to all (US) customers through...