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Digital Scale (3000g) - 0.005oz (0.1g) - 5.7 x 5.7
Price: $87.95
Availability: Stock
Item #: Z3000TS -

    Accuracy:                       Capacity: Pounds: 0.0005lb             Pounds: 6.6lb Ounces: 0.005 oz             Ounces: 104 oz Grams: 0.1 g                   Grams:...

    Digital Scale (6000g) - 0.05oz (1g) - Large Platform 9.0 x 7.5
    Price: $74.95
    Availability: Stock
    Item #: Z136EZ -

      Accuracy:                       Capacity: Pounds: 0.005lb             Pounds: 13lb Ounces: 0.05 oz             Ounces: 210 oz Grams: 1.0 g                   Grams: 6000gPlatform...

      Paper Thermometer
      Price: $18.00
      Availability: Stock
      Item #: 2105 -

        Thermolabels are formulated to react within a few seconds when the rated temperature is reached. As each section of a label reaches its rated temperature, that section responds with a sharply defined color change from white to black leaving the printed temperature clearly visible. And, because this is indelibly printed in both Fahrenheit and Celsius, it provides an irrefutable record of maximum temperature attained in any area of observation, even when this is otherwise inaccessible as in...

        Containers - Empty Plastic (Ink) w/ Lid
        Price: $2.00
        Availability: Stock
        Item #: 8589 -

          Mix your inks and create new ones in an empty container.

          Price: $18.49
          Availability: Stock
          ICC Chemicals Item #: 20800140 -

            The ICC Enviro-Block is specially designed to offer multiple application techniques depending on the position and surface side making contact with the mesh screen. There is know no wrong way to use it, unlike other screen cleaning tools it can be used from every angle along with cut to an exact fit.

            Spray Can Trigger
            Price: $5.00
            Availability: Stock
            Atlas Screen Supply Company Item #: 46CG1 -

              The FullGrip Spray Can Trigger is ergonomically designed and is easy to use. It has an E-Z Pull Trigger and fits almost any aerosol can. it is easy to attach and can be reused.

              GlovesPlus HD Blue Latex Gloves
              Price: $15.95
              Availability: Stock
              Item #: 40020 -

                These Heavy Duty Blue Latex Gloves are excellent for those working with screen printing inks and chemicals. They are 3 times thicker (13 mil) than standard latex gloves providing a strong barrier between you and the inks and chemicals. This also means they don't tear easy when you are cleaning up. The cuff is 2 inches longer than standard gloves and providing a greater area of protection.They are powder free so you don't have to worry about residue. They are textured for better gripping even...

                Gloves  Black Neoprene
                Price: $5.10
                Availability: Stock
                Item #: 40006 -

                  General purpose gloves for most inks/ solvents.

                  Disposable Vinyl Gloves
                  Price: $9.20
                  Availability: Stock
                  Item #: 40008 -

                    Form-fitting, economical, solvent resistant. Can be used more than once.

                    Green Nitrile Glove
                    Price: $4.70
                    Availability: Stock
                    Item #: 40007 -

                      This green nitrile glove excellent movement and the embossed texture that allows for easy griping. Recommended for aggressive inks and solvents.

                      Large Poly Gloves
                      Price: $2.95
                      Availability: Stock
                      Item #: 40003 -

                        Economical, keeps ink and solvents away from hands. One time use.

                        Goop Scoop
                        Price: $1.80
                        Availability: Stock
                        Item #: GOOP -

                          Remove the ink from your containers without any mess with our Goop Scoops (also handy for mixing).Size: 11 5/8" x 3"

                          Heavy Duty Scrub Brush
                          Price: $2.85
                          Availability: Stock
                          Item #: 20800132 -

                            Helps loosen & clean up your emulsion and ink from your screens with these disposable scrub brushes.

                            Cast Hinge Clamps
                            Price: $21.95
                            Availability: Stock
                            AWT Item #: CHC-100 -

                              Easy to use hinge clamps, constructed from cast aluminum, hold all wood or metal screens from 5/8" to 2" thick. Locking action firmly holds screen in place for positive registration. Allows fast changeover between jobs. Sold by pair with screws.

                              Hinge Clamps Steel
                              Price: $20.85
                              Availability: Stock
                              Item #: CHC-101 -

                                Hold-Tite heavy duty steel adjustable hinge clamps are the strongest and most economical clamps in the industry. The plated steel clamps handle all frames (wood or metal) up to 2" high. Tighten clamps to hold frame in register while printing. Fast set-up, ideal for prototype or production use. Complete with wood screws and instructions. Sold by the pair with screws.

                                ICC 396 Hand Cleaner Quart
                                Price: $11.56
                                Availability: Stock
                                ICC Chemicals Item #: 203962 -

                                  Industrial strength 396 Hand Cleaner and Conditioner cleans dried ink off your hands while retaining natural emollients. Helps prevent chapping, cracking; keeps hands feeling and looking good.Works exceptionally well on:Dried inks of all typesOil-base and latex paintsGrease and oilsDirt and grime of all sortsBenefits and Advantages of ICC 396:Its the world's best hand cleaner.Cleans off ink while retaining natural emollients. ...

                                  Price: $7.50
                                  Availability: Stock
                                  Item #: 40002 -

                                    Plastic pail opener for quick and easy removal of plastic lids without cutting and distorting container.

                                    Pantone Color Guide
                                    Price: $154.00
                                    Availability: Stock
                                    Item #: 90000 -

                                      These new PLUS SERIES FORMULA GUIDES are the updated versions of the indispensable PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM tools for selecting, specifying and matching solid PANTONE Colors. Graphic designers, pre-press professionals and printers now have 1,341 color choices - all of the current PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM Colors plus 224 new, market-proven hues - in a new chromatic arrangement. Ink formulations are provided to aid printers in mixing colors. Includes color index, lighting evaluation tool and...

                                      Safety Glasses
                                      Price: $6.90
                                      Availability: Stock
                                      Item #: 40009 -

                                        Help prevent eye injuries with a pair of safety glasses. Provides a degree of safety from projectiles.

                                        Price: $9.20
                                        Availability: Stock
                                        Item #: 40 -

                                          Stainless steel all purpose spatulas have rosewood handles and brass rivets. Semi-flexible blade is ideal for stirring inks and mixing colors. Also used for removing excess ink from squeegee and screen and for clean-up.

                                          Spray Bottle 24 oz
                                          Price: $2.00
                                          Availability: Stock
                                          Item #: 20800110B -

                                            Chemical resistant 24 oz. spray bottle. Not meant for "hot" solvents such as 975 Screen Wash PLEASE NOTE: Trigger head(s) sold separately.  **Purchase trigger head(s) here** ...

                                            Toolbox Grab n Scrub Wipes
                                            Price: $12.50
                                            Availability: Stock
                                            Sellars Item #: 401300 -

                                              These water-less hand cleaning wipes are great for cleaning your hands at the press. You can also use it to clean a variety of surfaces. It is a multi-purpose cleaner and will cut through ink, oil, grease. tar, paint, lubricants, wax, and ahesive.

                                              T700 ToolBox Sellers
                                              Price: $8.95
                                              Availability: Stock
                                              Sellars Item #: 401257 -

                                                These wipers are ideal for using solvent based screen printing chemicals to clean up or wipe down areas. They come in an easy to use pop-up dispenser that allows for single sheet dispensing. The large surface area makes them ideal for clean up.

                                                Toolbox White Rags
                                                Price: $12.95
                                                Availability: Stock
                                                Sellars Item #: 401258 -

                                                  These white rag wipers are durable and absorbent to handle the toughest clean ups. They come in an easy to use center pull pop up dispenser with convenient carrying handles. They are made of 25% recycled fibers and are made in the USA.