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Premaprint Premium - Clear
Price: $36.75
Availability: Stock
Permaset Item #: PSPP3362L -

    Permaprint Premium Clear (Gloss) is a clear base designed to be used as an overprint.  It allows the printer to give a gloss finish to the print.

    Premaprint Premium - Aquatone Extender
    Price: $30.14
    Availability: Stock
    Permaset Item #: PSPP0411L1 -

      Permaprint Premium Extender (Print Paste) is a clear base can be used to reduce colors and create new shades.

      Premaprint Premium - Matting Agent
      Price: $60.48
      Availability: Stock
      Permaset Item #: PSPP3363L1 -

        Permaprint Premium Matting Agent is a base that can be added to the ink to dull the finish and create a more matte effect.

        Premaprint Premium - Opaque White
        Price: $42.00
        Availability: Stock
        Permaset Item #: PSPP3364L -

          Permaprint Premium Inks are a 100% solvent free environmentally friendly ink. It can be used on a variety of substrates including sealed paper, cardboard, polyester (Mylar), polycarbonate plastics, coroplast and some coated metals. It has an intense pigments which provide for excellent opacity and rich colors. It is available in 9 Aquatone Mixing Colors, Black, Mixing White, Extender (Print Paste), Opaque White, Clear Gloss Varnish, and Matting Agent, 8 Glow Colors (fluorescent) and 4...

          WB Screen Lubrication
          Price: $27.50
          Availability: Stock
          Permaset Item #: PSWBSCL -

            WB Screen Lubrication is designed for use with water based inks.  It  lubricates the screen making it easier to print water-based inks.  It also helps in preventing ink from drying in the screen.  Apply by misting the screen and use a squeegee to even the application.  Then put your ink in the screen and do a test print.  It may take a couple of prints to work in the lubrication and make sure print are coming out correct.

            Permaset Print Retarder
            Price: $18.90
            Availability: Stock
            Permaset Item #: PSSP211L -

              Permaset Aqua Print Retarder is an additive to lengthen open screen time for all PERMASET AQUA, PERMASET SUPERCOVER, PERMAPRINT PREMIUM and PERMATONE inks. PERMASET Print Retarder slows the drying process avoiding clogging of screens. It is also beneficial in enabling easier release of the screen from the print during the printing process. Download Tech Sheet ...