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Permaprint Premium Matting Agent is a base that can be added to the ink to dull the finish and create a more matte effect.

PERMATONE is ideal for printing on:
Paper | Polyester (Mylar) | Polycarbonate Plastics | Cardboard | Some Coated Metal | Polystyrene | Perspex | Corflute/Coroplast

Product Resistance: After air drying PREMAPRINT Premium prints exhibit very good water resistance
Transparency: Transparent including the blending white.  Only Opaque White and the 4 Pearl/Metallic Colors are opaque.
Drying: Air Dry
Mesh: 86-305 tpi (Opaque White  & Matting Agent 86-225 tpi)
Stencil Type: Must be water resistant, fully dried and fully cured
Clean Up: Water
Increase screen open time: add 1-2% PERMASET Print Retarder
Applications: High lay-down hand-printed wallpaper & art reproduction, through to skateboards, stickers, posters & backlit displays
Substrates: Sealed paper, cardboard, Polyesters (Mylar), Tyvek, polycarbonates, some coated metals, polystyrene, Perspex, Corflute/Coroplast
Downloads: PERMAPRINT Premium Tech Data Sheet, Permaprint Premium Color Card, Permatone/Aquatone Mixing Guide
 PERMAPRINT Premium Gloss Varish and Matting Agent, PERMASET Print Retarder and Extender (Print Paste)

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