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GlovesPlus HD Blue Latex Gloves
  • Blue Heavy Duty Gloves
  • GloveWorks HD Blue Gloves 13mL
  • Glove Plus to Glove Works
  • GlovesPlus HD Blue Latex Gloves
  • Textured for Better Gripping
  • 3X Thicker than Standard Latex Gloves (13 mil)
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Extra long cuff 2 inches longer than normal for better protection
  • Powder Free
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These Heavy Duty Blue Latex Gloves are excellent for those working with screen printing inks and chemicals. They are 3 times thicker (13 mil) than standard latex gloves providing a strong barrier between you and the inks and chemicals. This also means they don't tear easy when you are cleaning up. The cuff is 2 inches longer than standard gloves and providing a greater area of protection.

They are powder free so you don't have to worry about residue. They are textured for better gripping even when wet.

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