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Low-Cure Thermolabels have been specifically designed with the most popular low-cure inks on the market in mind. Temperature strips with squares ranging from 250-290°F provide a visual indication of conveyor dryer temperatures to ensure a proper cure every time.

  • Ideal for performance fabrics, polyester and poly/cotton blends
  • Non-reversible color change indicates temperature reached
  • Self-adhering temperature strips
  • Response time is approximately 5 seconds
  • 16 Labels per package

**This product is not waterproof and not suited for excessively high humidity

Instructions for use:

  1. Remove label from sheet.
  2. Adhere to shirt surface next to print. Press firmly for full contact with the fabric.
  3. Run test shirt through conveyor dryer
  4. The gray/white temperature sensitive elements will turn black as the rated temperature is reached. The highest temperature the fabric reached will be between the last black temperature element and the first gray/white temperature element. If necessary adjust oven and repeat test with a new label until correct curing temperature is reached.
  5. Allow to cool to the touch before slowly peeling the label off of the shirt to avoid leaving adhesive residue.
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