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Toolbox Grab n Scrub Wipes
Price: $12.50
Availability: Stock
Item #: 401300 -

    These water-less hand cleaning wipes are great for cleaning your hands at the press. You can also use it to clean a variety of surfaces. It is a multi-purpose cleaner and will cut through ink, oil, grease. tar, paint, lubricants, wax, and ahesive.

    Toolbox White Rags
    Price: $12.95
    Availability: Stock
    Item #: 401258 -

      These white rag wipers are durable and absorbent to handle the toughest clean ups. They come in an easy to use center pull pop up dispenser with convenient carrying handles. They are made of 25% recycled fibers and are made in the USA.

      T700 ToolBox Sellers
      Price: $8.95
      Availability: Stock
      Item #: 401257 -

        These wipers are ideal for using solvent based screen printing chemicals to clean up or wipe down areas. They come in an easy to use pop-up dispenser that allows for single sheet dispensing. The large surface area makes them ideal for clean up.