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WoW Transfer Papers enables you to decorate full color onto dark garments, leather
nylon, poly. The Easy two-step patented process removes any traditional cutting and
weeding requirement.

The WoW process is especially well-suited for printing on performance fabrics
and garments with application temperatures as low as 300°f, thus reducing the
garment scorching or heat press marks normally associated with printing
these fabrics at higher temperatures. The product has a soft hand.

The WOW7.8 ONLY works with the OKI Data printers that print white.

When you do the WOW Process you need WOW pad and T.SEAL

50 Sheets Per Box


11.7" x 8.25" (A4): Works with OKI 711WT, OKI 920WT, OKI Pro8432WT

8.5"x16.5" (XL): Works with OKI 711WT, OKI 920WT, OKI Pro8432WT

11.7" x 16.5" (A3): Works With OKI 920WT, OKI Pro8432WT

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