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Forever Laser Dark Paper
MSRP:  $249.95
Price: $229.00
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Atlas Screen Supply Company Item #: 22FELDAFFB -

    FOREVER's Laser - Dark (No Cut) Heat Transfer Paper is an amazing new self-weeding paper for dark colored garments producing excellent color on a variety of fabrics and products. Transfer on to shirts, sweatshirts, hats, bags and more. Heat transfer onto cotton, 50/50, or 100% polyester. it also can transfer onto harder-to-transfer surfaces such as nylon, polypropylene, and leather. The system uses a unique two paper (A & B) to produce vibrant full color transfers. Features: Self-Weeding -...

    Forever Laser Light No Cut
    Price: $104.95
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    Atlas Screen Supply Company Item #: 22FELLT -

      This application is as easy as it can be. It is a 1-Paper-System for printing onto light colored textiles. The white toner coverage under the colors enables an extraordinary bright and outstanding result on light colored garments.This product even works on dark colored garments, with less bright colors than on light colored garments. The application is very easy to understand and gives constant results you can count on.

      Image Clip Dark
      MSRP:  $259.95
      Reg: $259.95
      Sale: $129.98
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      Atlas Screen Supply Company Item #: DTPNICLD811/100 -

        IMAGE CLIP® Laser Dark Heat Transfer Paper produces a self-weeding, vibrant and wash-durable laser printed transfer on dark and bright colored cotton and cotton/poly blend fabrics. The product can be used to apply JUST the image (no background polymer)! The product runs through a vast array of fuser oil and oil-less laser Color Laser printers and copiers and is approved by OKI for use with their printers, including their "White Toner" Printer series. This product is also compatible with HP...

        FOREVER Flex Soft (No-Cut) - 10 Sheets soft flex, forever, laser
        Price: $24.95
        Availability: Stock
        Item #: 22FEFS -

          FOREVER Flex Soft (No-Cut) is a two paper laser transfer system that produces self-weeding one color transfers using the black toner of your laser printer. Flex Soft is a color coated film that allows you to print black using a laser printer and the final color of the print will be whatever color the Flex Soft is without a need for a special toner. Flex Soft can print onto dark and light materials, with fine detail and a high wash fastness with no residue left on unprinted areas of the...

          FOREVER Hard Surface Multi-Trans Paper hard surface, mutli-trans, forever, laser
          Price: $59.95
          Availability: Stock
          Item #: 22FEMT -

            A laser transfer paper for use with CMYK and CMYW (White Toner) laser printers. For use on any hard surface that will fit under your heat press. Comes in sizes A3 and A4. Designed for use with white toner OKI printersAble to print on hard surfaces like: mugs, wood, plates, beer steins, magnetic vinyls, chromolux, tiles, mirror, acrylic glass, metal, nylon, pens, CDs.

            Forever Laser Transparent
            Price: $69.95
            Availability: Stock
            Item #: 22FELT -

              Laser Transparent (No Background) is a single sheet; self weeding heat transfer paper for printing onto white/light colored textiles.Great color vibrancy and high production speed. Easy to use. 100% Cotton 100% Polyester Jute Bags

              CPM 6.2 Hard Surface Transfer Paper
              Price: $63.00
              Availability: Stock
              Atlas Screen Supply Company Item #: 22MTCPMA -

                CPM has a unique coating that allows you to decorate uncoated hard surface material without any weeding. You can decorate glass, acrylic, metal, plastic, wood, ceramic, leather & much more!! Your imagination is your limit with CPM transfer paper.Paper Comes in 100 Sheets per boxYou also need the wow pad or apad when using the cpm paper.Paper size does matter depending on the printer you have because the paper is cut differently.

                T.One - Weedless Light T-Shirt Laser Transfer Paper, laser, light, heat, transfer, paper
                Price: $125.00
                Availability: Stock
                Atlas Screen Supply Company Item #: 22MTTONE -

                  T.ONE™ Weedless Light is a 'One-Step' coated laser transfer paper designed for heat transferring designs onto white or light textiles (t-shirts, bags, hats, and other fabrics). T-One™ laser transfer paper can only be used with OKI Data Laser Printers that contain white toner.T.ONE™ laser paper is the ultimate solution for cost-effective garment transfer that involves no cutting, weeding and more importantly leaves no residue on the finished garment or textile.T.ONE™ can also be used to deliver...

                  T.Seal Magic Touch, T Seal
                  Price: $23.00
                  Availability: Stock
                  Atlas Screen Supply Company Item #: 22MTTSEAL -

                    Once you remove the WOW or T.ONE transfer from the shirt you need to seal it with the T.Seal. The T.Seal has special coating that locks the toner to the fibers of the shirt. This helps prevent the transfer from coming off when you wash the shirt. We sell the T.Seal by the sheet.

                    Temporary Tattoo Transfer Paper
                    Price: $87.00
                    Availability: Stock
                    Atlas Screen Supply Company Item #: 22MTTATOOA4 -

                      Print virtually any picture imaginable from your computer, and have it on your skin as a temporary tattoo in minutes - without the pain or regret of having an actual tattoo! Tattoos typically last3-5 days, but can be removed with soapy water and elbow grease! **For Laser Printers Only

                      Water Slide Decal Paper water slide, decal, paper
                      Price: $130.00
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                      Atlas Screen Supply Company Item #: 22MTDCT -

                        DCT water slide decal continues to be the easiest and most effective method of decorating ceramics, candles, glass. The DCT works well on non flat items like a shot glass, candles or mug etc. The DCT can be cured at 350F for durability and dishwasher safe at low temperature settings. Both versions can also be cut in the plotter, ensuring consistent and accurate decal production.The box of DCT comes is clear or white backing. 50 sheets per box*For Laser Printers Only ...

                        Wow 7.8 Dark T-Shirt Transfer Paper
                        Price: $140.00
                        Availability: Stock
                        Atlas Screen Supply Company Item #: 22MTWOW -

                          WoW Transfer Papers enables you to decorate full color onto dark garments, leathernylon, poly. The Easy two-step patented process removes any traditional cutting andweeding requirement.The WoW process is especially well-suited for printing on performance fabricsand garments with application temperatures as low as 300°f, thus reducing thegarment scorching or heat press marks normally associated with printingthese fabrics at higher temperatures. The product has a soft hand.The WOW7.8 ONLY works...

                          WOW Application Pad Magic Touch, WoW, Application Pad
                          Price: $60.00
                          Availability: Stock
                          Atlas Screen Supply Company

                            WOW Pad is an application pad needed for WOW7.8 and CPM6.2 transfer paper. Keep the pad clean and it should last you a long time.