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For printing with solvent and eco-solvent inkjet printers For soft hand, stretch and durability. For use with colored textile garments.

ColorPrint™ Solvent/Eco-solvent films are polyurethane transfer materials designed for printing with solvent or eco-solvent inkjet printers, such as the Mimaki JV3, JV33 and JV5, the Roland HiFi and AJ 1000 and the HP DesignJet 8000, 9000 and 10000 contour cutting plotters, in addition to printing and cutting on the Roland VersaCAMM line of print and cut devices.

It is recommend using Transfer and Seal™ transfer tape with this product for easy transfer stability and improved image life.

  • Semi-gloss to full gloss finish
  • Soft hand and stretchable resilience permitting its application to elastomeric fabrics such as Lycra and Spandex.
  • Its low transfer temperature (325° F) hot-melt adhesives and 15 second dwell time permit transfer to most fabrics including nylon.
  • Contains blocking agents to help reduce dye migration into the film.

Instructions for: CPS-2160 (Gloss), CPSF-2165 (Frost), CPSS-2168 (Silver) and CPSLV-2700 (Leather/Vinyl)

1.) Create your design in graphics software, such as Corel Draw. No need to mirror image

2.) Load your chosen film onto your plotter.

3.) Always test cut to ensure proper depth, speed and down force.

4.) Print and Cut right reading.

5.) Use our Transfer & Seal tape (T&S 1220) or other medium tack application tape to remove the image from the paper backing and place image on the surface to which you are transferring the film.

6.) Place a heat transfer sheet between the heat platen and the transfer medium to prevent sticking and edge damage of the transferred design.

7.) For CPSLV-2700 (Leather/Vinyl) heat press between 185° F - 200° F for 10 - 15 seconds using firm even pressure.

8.) For CPS-2160 (Gloss), CPSF-2165 (Frost) and CPSS-2168 (Silver) heat press at 325° F for 15 seconds using firm even pressure.

9.) If your transfer only partially adheres to the fabric it is usually because insufficient or uneven pressure was applied. If this happens, reposition the design, increase the pressure and repress.

10.) Peel tape while warm, almost hot.

Note: To ensure greatest durability of digital prints, garments should be turned inside out and washed in cold water without bleach of any type using a gentle wash cycle. Tumble dry low heat.

Will adhere to cotton, blended fabrics, polyester fabrics, and has been successfully applied to other fabrics including nylon and spandex. Special garment fabrics should be tested prior to production. These materials contains blockers to prevent dye migration (bleed) from reactive and sub-dyed fabrics.

Use only CPSLV-2700 (Leather/Vinyl) to adhere to leather, vinyl and other low temperature substrates.

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