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The iX6820 Film Rip Combo Package is for individuals or companies looking to create film positives for screen printing. Easy to use and designed to render professional film positives.  NO Annual Fee - Unlike some RIP programs there is no annual fee with PrintFab to use certain features.

Film RIP Combo Package:

PrintFab XL RIP
Software designed to create film positives with halftones and dense black ink.

  • Operating Systems: Windows 7-11 (XP on request), Mac OS 10.5-12.0

EconoJet Waterproof Inkjet Film 13" x 19"
EconoJet is an affordable and quick drying waterproof inkjet film that has superior halftone retention. Its coating allows you to lay down a heavy layer of ink.

InstaINK Dye Based Ink
5 Cartridges - all slots are black. The iX6820 Printer gives you the option to print out of either the 4 smaller slots CMYK (11mL each) or the Black XL Slot (15.5mL).  This dye based ink is specially formulated with UV Blocking Dye Ink.

Also included...
iX6820 Printer  - (Up to 13" Wide Sheets)
USB 2.0 6 ft' Cord

Please note that there are no returns on software once the product has shipped or access/serial numbers have been provided. 

Warranty on Printer Package is 90 Days from date of purchase.

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To activate after purchase go to and enter in your license order code and info to receive the license key file.

This is a fully functional trial version that will work for 30 days so that you can see for yourself the power of this software. Once it expires, you can purchase license number. Call (800) 621-4173 for purchasing assistance, or purchase on our website.

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