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FilmMaker DTP v10 RIP Software
  • PC Only
  • See Specifications for Printers and Operating Systems
  • For Printers up to 24 Inches Wide
  • Note: You must download the software.  After purchase you will will receive an activation code.
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The latest version of FilmMaker provides the best quality and value in the inkjet film separation RIP software category. No other RIP vendors can claim the same combination of precision screening, optimum density levels, ease of use and job management workflow tools that FilmMaker provides to screenprinters. Here's just a sampling of some of the new features

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Please note: This software is only compatible with PCs.

Supports the following printers

    iPF510, iPF605, iPF610, iPF650, iPF655, iPF670, iPF680, LP17, iX68XX

    1400, 1410, 1900, 3800, 3880, 4400, 4450, 4800, 4880, 4900, Artisan 1430, D120, SP-1400, SP-1410, SP-1500W, SP-2200, SP-2880, R1800, R1900, R2000, R2400, R3000, SC-1520, SC-3000, SC-P400, SC-P600, SC-P800, SC-P5000, Stylus 1100, Stylus Pro 4000, WF-7015, WF-70xx, WF-75xx, T3270

    GX-7000, GXe-3300, GXe-7700, SG 3110, SG 7100

    More Printers are listed here

Operating Systems: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7
Recommended System Requirements:
OS: Windows 10
CPU: Intel I7 quad core or equivalent
Memory: 16GB
Hard Drive: 1TB
Monitor Resolution: 1600×900 or greater


Highest Quality, Precision Screening
FilmMaker includes CADlink’s unique, advanced AM/FM screening algorithm. Jitter™ provides a simple, flexible way in which to modify halftone screens for exceptional print quality in mid-tones, gradients, shadows and highlights.

Density Rich Films
Select the exact film density required by using the FilmMaker ink density test print. FilmMaker is able to provide optimum ink levels using a variety of ink/media combinations.

Easy to set-up, easy to use RIP Software
Quick and easy printer, ink, media setup. The printer and queue wizard will get you up and running in minutes without the need for any documentation. Further printing adjustments and customization can be completed afterwards using FilmMakers advanced settings.

InRIP Separations
Select your favorite workflow. FilmMaker provides the ability to separate files directly in the RIP. *Separations are made from existing channels.
Your choice!
Separations created in your favorite graphic application
Separations created directly in FilmMaker”

Variable Dot Halftone Advantage
FilmMaker controls the mix of small, medium and large dots. So filmmaker has 3 times as many halftone shades compared to other RIPs.

Precision Ink Volume Control
The most important feature in any RIP is being able to control ink volume. Too little ink and your ink density will be weak leading to exposure problems. Too much ink and you will have bleeding problems, leading to lose of details.

Print Directly From Your Favorite Design Program
Print directly from programs such as CorelDraw, Abobe PhotoShop, Adobe Illustrator, Etc.

Control Halftone setting from wherever you prefer

  • From your favorite application
  • Within FilmMaker

Unique FilmMaker Visual Production Manager Interface

  • Run a single printer or multiple printers, run a single queue setup or multiple queue set-up all simultaneously not only from one work station but from one window is the software!
  • Support for Multiple Printers
  • Support for Multiple Queues for different printers and / or preset settings
  • Multiple RIPS, RIP two jobs at once or Print while RIP’ing the next job
  • Job Archiving
  • Automatic and Manual nesting

Complete job control within FilmMaker

  • Support sheet fed or roll fed media that also includes nesting of jobs.
  • Rotate, scale, mirror, invert and apply crop marks to jobs as required.

Page overlay mode

  • Multiple page overlay provides the option to view whichever page in a job you choose. You can also print selected separations.

View raw data

  • FilmMaker allows you to View the Raw Data before printing. So you can view pixel for pixel each separation before printing, check your halftones and content of each separation in detail and avoid printing mistakes and wasting valuable Film.

Lots of other great features!

  • Costing - FilmMaker can automatically calculate the cost of Ink and Film for each Separation, you can even add labor and taxes and save this data as a standard delimited text file for Excel or other accounting system.
  • Templates – Allows you to setup repeatable exact positioning on the Film and custom nesting. Great for CD printing when you need the C,M,Y and K plates precisely nested.
  • Advanced printer controls - Talks directly to the Epson Printer port – doesn’t use the Windows spooler, so when you cancel a job, its cancelled
  • Full Support for Head cleaning, nozzle checks and ink levels built into FilmMaker. No need to use the Epson driver.
  • Setup automatic scheduled head cleans.

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