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Coat Screens evenly and uniformly with Pro-Angle™ emulsion coaters. They are designed for easy and comfortable handling while providing a smooth layer of emulsion on your screen. The coating angle is designed on a perfect angle. It's calibrated to give you a perfect coating of emulsion every time.

Made from hard anodized gold aluminum, enclosures are permanent for quick cleaning without leaking. Each coater has a special edge protector.

Available in a full range of sizes for many different applications.

Always order a coater 1" larger than your liquid coating size. For example, a 10" coater covers a 9" liquid coating area. Your coating area should be 2" (1" on each side) larger than your copy or print area. That means your scoop coater size is a total of 3" larger than your print area for optimum coating results.

Coaters work best when coating edge is cleaned with damp cloth and warm water after each use. Emulsion must always be covered with plastic or cardboard on coating trough while liquid is in scoop coater unit.

The coating edge must be protected with the special edge guard when not in use. This protects the coating edge from nicks.

Standard Features

  • All aluminum coater
  • Easy & comfortable handling
  • Controlled coating deposit
  • Uniform coating of emulsions and blockouts
  • Designed with hard anodized gold aluminum trough
  • Aluminum ends are permanent for easy cleaning and no leaking
  • Special rubber edge protector included
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the caddy of scoop coaters!

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unfortunately mine fell off the table and damaged the edge so while i place an order for another i would right a review!

ive had mine for two years loved that the ends had set screws with metal ends (not cheap plastic ends that snap if you look at them wrong) that you could give it a heavy cleaning if needed.

good even coating with every screen and with bigger hands the grip is great no more fumbling!

It's the fine luxury automobile of scoop coaters

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I'm coating screens with more consistency and less mess. And it feels like a precision instrument in your hands--everything is in the right place and balanced. With my old common-man scoop coater I had to be careful about pressure and clean up the drips that would always end up around the edges. No more, I can't go back to those days.

portland Oregon


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this is THE scoop coater to have! it is the most easy to wield and so control(for small hands or large)and that means a lot when trying to get a smooth emulsion coat. I have used every kind of scoop coater and though 'they all work' this is the one I have always come back to and taught thousands of students to get as in "GET THIS SCOOP COATER!!" If you somehow prefer the 'other kind' of scoop coater...Atlas has a great price on that at (currently) ten bucks. That is way cheaper than other places. I cannot get all the things I prefer in one place...but even if you just came here for the pro-angle scoop is a very smart decision.

Franmar Chemicals