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Atlas scoop coaters feature a dual sided coating edge for either a sharp edge thin coat for higher screen mesh, or a rounded dull edge for coating lower mesh screens. Extruded from T6 aluminum this coater is easy to hold, sits easily on flat surface between coats, and holds a good amount of emulsion for lengthy coating sessions.

The scoop coater comes complete with snapped and glued injection molded end caps, as well as a full top snap on dust cover.

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portland Oregon

Good but not the best IMO

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IF you are already seasoned at coating screens AND have a lot to coat AND have need of a multi-edged coater...then this is a good coater. IF you are new to coating and coat just a few screens at a time(easier to control a shallower emulsion tray)than the added abilities of this coater may actually hold you back. IMO after using both this and the pro angle for years(teaching people)is that the Pro-angle is WAY more user friendly. Or...for the great price could order both. but if you gotta pick one, I HIGHLY recommend the AWT pro-angle. Ease of control of tray and so emulsion is obviously key in coating screens and(if you have small hands or large)the AWT is pure magic. I coat screens from 86 mesh to 200 with my AWT with no problems. Edge/deposit control is easy IF you are using the right coater. I have found the AWT to be easier also as, being a shallower tray, it makes intial/clean delivery and cut-off of the emulsion coat stroke much easier. any coater is better than none...but the AWT wins hands down in my VAST experience. I have coated over 30 thousand screens over the years. think of it like a can write with a lot of pens...but I will bet you write better with the one that fits your hand best. Don't skimp on your scoop coater.

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