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Part No: HTPL7R
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Stahls' 7" round quick change platen is compatible with most Hotronix heat presses and requires no tools to change from one to another.The 7" round platen can be used to transfer onto the ends of duffel bags, sides of gym bags, backpacks, and other items that require a round printing surface. Made from sturdy aluminum and features a 3/8" thick silicone pad.

Compatible with:

  • Hotronix Fusion/Hotronix Fusion IQ
  • Hotronix Air Fusion/Hotronix Air Fusion IQ
  • Hotronix Dual Air Fusion/Hotronix Dual Air Fusion IQ

For Hotronix heat presses manufactured prior to 2014, please call (800) 621-4173 with your heat press and model number for information on optional heat press platens.

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