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Price: $2,650.00
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Stahls' Hotronix Fusion IQ™ Heat Press (16” x 20”) has everything the best-selling original Fusion heat press had to offer, but now includes new data-driven features to further increase efficiency, productivity, and proactive management in shops nationwide.

The new Fusion IQ™ Heat Press offers a larger, higher resolution control panel featuring a user-friendly, highly responsive touchscreen with WiFi connection capability. The Fusion IQ™ will automatically send detailed reports to the Hotronix Online Portal, where production managers and owners can access all the data needed to monitor productivity and efficiency.

The Fusion IQ™ Heat Press is the only heat press in the industry with patented dual function capability — operating with a swing-away or draw motion that fits the way you work. Program an unlimited number of application settings, count production cycles, and turn on and off automatically — in English, Spanish or your choice of six other languages.

Optional Quick-Change Platens Available


*a digital copy of the updated manual for Fusion IQ™ will be available for download soon

Electric: 120V/1800W/15A
**Also available in 220V/1800W/10A (call to order)
Platen Dimension: 16” x 20”
Weight: 140 lbs

Proactive Management with Data-Driven Reports

  • Track total impressions and average cycle time of individual operators
  • Monitor if the correct application settings are used by each operator
  • Monitor the total active vs. idle time while the heat press is on to analyze productivity
  • Print reports with custom date and time ranges, filter by user and by heat press if you own multiple Fusion IQ™ heat presses (including the Air Fusion IQ™ and the Dual Air Fusion IQ™)

Classic Features, Now Improved

  • Dual Motion Capability - Swing-away and draw motion capability allow for a heat-free work space with flexibility.
  • Threadability™ - Raised platen allows the user to quickly and easily position garments and significantly increase production speeds.
  • Touch Screen Technology - A 30% larger screen than the original with a sharper image and a better responsiveness
  • Twin Timer™ - Allows users to pre-set individual time settings for two-step application or for pre-heating and application.
  • Self-Diagnostic Capabilities - New Fusion IQ™ feature displays touchscreen alert when temperature, pressure and time of application settings are incorrectly followed
  • Quick-Change Platens (Optional) - No tools required to switch platens.
  • Production Cycle Counter
  • Auto On/Off Settings
  • Eight Language Options

High Quality Manufacturing

  • Made in the USA
  • Scratch-Resistant Powder Coated Finish
  • Cast-In Tubular Heating
  • Warranty
    • Heating Element - Lifetime
    • Framework - 5 Years
    • Circuit Board - 2 Years
    • Parts & Labor - 1 Year


What’s new about the Fusion IQ™ vs. the classic Fusion heat press?

Smart Technology, Production Management, Easier Operation and an Online Portal

Is the data sent from the Fusion IQ™ to the Hotronix Online Portal updated in real-time?

Currently, the data has a lag-time of a few minutes. The update speed of your data will be determined by the speed of your WiFi. Real-time reporting will be available shortly - so keep an eye out for updates!

How do I update my Fusion IQ™?

Hotronix Fusion IQ™ - Software Update Guide

Can I have multiple Fusion IQ™ heat presses connected to my Hotronix Online Portal?

Absolutely. This is one of the many great features of the new Hotronix IQ™ heat presses.

Can I view data in the Hotronix Online Portal from my mobile device or tablet?

Yes! An app isn’t available yet, but the website is fully responsive - allowing for a user-friendly, unique interface based on your device. Check on shop productivity anywhere, anytime!

Can individual operator profiles have their own language setting?

Operator profiles are not set-up to have individual language settings at this time. However, it is very simple to switch languages prior to employees beginning their shift.

Can I have multiple users on my Hotronix Online Portal account?

Yes. Multiple users can be logged into your account. However, at the time, you cannot set-up individual logins or profiles. Therefore, production managers and shop owners will need to use the same login information and will be able to view the same data.

The Stahls' Hotronix Fusion Heat Press (16" x 20")

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