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The EDGE DTG Ink Light Pretreatment is a ready to use product. It can be used in either a hand held spray gun or through a pretreatment machine.  This product can be used with both light and dark garments.  Amount of application will vary depending on type of garment.  Darker and heavier garments will require more pretreatment.    

Prepress garment for 7-10 seconds at 360F before appling the pretreatment. After application of pretreatment press for 20-30 seconds at 360F. Then check for moisture and re-press for 10-20 seconds, if necessary. Repeat until moisture is gone.

Amount of pretreatment will depend on garment weight and color. Darker and heavier garments will require more pretreatment than garments lighter in weight and color.

100% Cotton - 13-15 grams
50/50 Blends - 16-18 grams
100% Polyester - 18-20 grams

Note: Wash tests are recommended on all garments to determine the optimal amount of pretreatment.  Do not run production before testing.


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