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7600 FlexCure Inks

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HD Cleaning Fluid
Price: $36.00
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    This cleaning solution is designed to preserve your lines and head for storage or for removing a head clog.

    Price: $38.95
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    Item #: TJ1GLPTFC -

      Replacement for FastCOLOR InstaCOLOR is a pretreatment that is applied just like our normal pretreatment. It does not work with white ink, but on light colors garments where there is no white, it GREATLY improves the color brilliance and washability of the print. You will have a hard time telling the image has been washed!

      Pretreatment #1
      Price: $50.00
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      Item #: TJPTGL -

        This is a non-toxic pre-treatment that needs to be sprayed onto the garment before printing the white. It helps keep the white ink as well as the color ink from bleeding. Features Required for white on dark printsGives very bright white prints.Allows color highlight on top of the white

        Silicone Coated Paper
        Price: $59.95
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        Item #: TJSILPAPER -

          Silicon coated paper is now available in packages of 250 of 16" x 20" sheets. To achieve the best quality finished product, this paper should be used as a cover sheet on the heat press when curing printed shirts.

          Tech Swabs
          Price: $24.95
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          Item #: TJSWAB -

            Tech Swabs, foam cleaning swabs, are available in package quantities of 50. Tech Swabs can be used for cleaning sublimation, direct-to-substrate, and inkjet printers.