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EconoPRO Dip Tank Package XL
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EconoPRO™  Dip Tank Package XL is a quick and  effective way to process screens.  Dip Tank Package XL includes a dip tank that can easily handle 6 - 23" x 31" auto frames.  

Package Includes: 

Total Package Value $907.89

1) Remove excess ink from screen

2) Remove tape from screen

3) Dip screen(s) from 1 to 3 minutes.  Note: excessive soaking can weaken the bond between the frame glue and the mesh leading to the mesh pulling away from screen.  Also, emulsion can come off in the dip tank increasing he amount of "sludge" left behind when cleaning your dip tank.

4) Rinse with a pressure washer

5) Apply EconoPRO 500 Ink and Stain Remover and scrub with a heavy duty scrub brush

6) Rinse again with a pressure washer

7) Do a flood rinse with water


Attach 3/4" spigot to bottom of dip tank.  DO NOT over tighten as it can cause the tank to leak. 2-3 rotations will seal the threads.

Fill dip tank 2/3 of the way with water.  Then add approximately 7 gallons of the 150C Ink and Emulsion Remover.   Fill the remaining way with water.   The solution should rise to the top of the screens when submerged.  The volume displacement will be different depending on your screens.  Ideally you should put your screens in when ready and then fill.  Additional solution may be added to the tank as solution weakens or tank loses volume.

When draining the dip tank you should filter the solids.

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