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  • Clear Discharge Base for a neutral discharge or can be pigmented with AquaTint Pigments to achieve a wide range of colors
  • 6 Month Shelf-Life after activation with Discharge Activator SM (16% by weight)
  • For use with 100% Cotton
  • Mesh Counts up to 255 t/in
Price: $18.60
Availability: Discontinued

Discharge Plus Base is a clear discharge base that works with a unique liquid activator, Discharge Activator SM (16% by weight), that allows you to print through mesh counts up to 255 t/in and has a 6 month shelf-life after activation.

Discharge Plus Base can be printed straight from the container and will perform like other neutral discharge inks to achieve the classic, vintage look. Discharge Plus Base can also be mixed with AquaTint Pigments to achieve a wide range of ink colors for light and dark garments. Virus discharge inks are designed to be printed wet-on-wet and produce the ultimate soft-hand feel by removing the dye from 100% cotton fabrics and replacing it with the color of the discharge ink printed.

Virus inks allow for the highest printing precision and low ink consumption - saving you more money at the press than other water based inks on the market.

Virus Discharge Base TDSTechnical Data Sheet

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