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*Terms and rate are subject to lease approval. Based on a 5 year lease.
Price: $6,500.00
Part No: WHMCH64MP
Availability: Dropship 1-2 Weeks



This press was designed for the printer who makes his or her living behind a squeegee. Light enough for ease of use day in and day out, but solidly welded to provide a rigid platform for life. The Mach printers are ideal for growing and high volume shops producing sophisticated designs. With the optional cap, jacket, sign, koozie, sticker and pocket attachments, this machine is the do it all answer for any shop. Mach printers also come in a variety of sizes to fit your printing needs.

Max Screen Width - 25" Press Diameter -117"

Colors - 6 Stations - 4

Warranty Information
All Workhorse Odyssey and Mach Manual Presses have a lifetime warranty. Items not included in warranty are springs, hog rings, nylon bolts, pallets and casters. All warranties are non-transferable.

Solid Construction
Print arm struts ensure that platens remain square and table while maximizing strength.
Welded Steel
Welded structural steel construction is the key to a lifetime of tight registration. Our large diameter center shaft with tapered bearings give unmatched stability and accuracy. *Shown with optional casters.
Advanced Print Head Design
All print heads are precision machined cast aluminum with tool free, dial-in off contact. Built with large diameter registration knobs that provide super responsive X, Y & Z micro-registration and screen angle adjust.
Covered Spring Cartridges
Compression springs provide a longer life span and are available with multiple tension settings from the factory. Covering them below the print head also provides a more secure setting.
Spring Loaded Micro Registration
This New Feature comes with easy to adjust handles and knobs and provides minimal to no back lash, allowing for the smallest of on-head adjustments.
Capture Fork & Bearing Registration
Derived from the same time-tested registration used on all of Workhorse's automatic presses. It provides little to no wear and with no adjustments needed; this offers a lifetime of use with no fuss.
3-Point Leveling /Adjustment System
Provides the ability to increase/decrease off-contact settings while keeping the distance between your substrate and screen parallel.
Quick Release Rubber Coated Aluminum Pallets Option
Allows for quick changeovers and pallet compatibility with other presses. Each press will also include a set of rubber coated aluminum pallets.
Rally White Ink