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Permaset Water Based Inks

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Hydra Cracking White
Reg: $37.91
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Virus Item #: VIHYDCRWHT -

    Create a "Cracking" effect. The ink surface stiffens and breaks vertically and horizontally creating the cracking effect.

    Virus Hydra Suede Base
    Price: $37.41
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    Virus Item #: VIHYDSUEBASE -

      Hydra Suede Base is a clear base that produces both suede and puff effects. To achieve a suede effect, print Suede Base E through 80 t/in mesh. For puff effect, use 30 t/in mesh. Create custom colors by tinting with AquaTint Pigments (5-10% by weight). Hydra Suede Base E can also be printed first in the desired areas for the textured effect, and then print colors on top. Effect will appear after properly curing the ink. ...

      Virus Rich Gold Powder
      Price: $89.00
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      Virus Item #: VIVPWDRGO -

        Rich Gold Powder is designed to work with the Hydra Clear for Metallic E.  Add 10-20% of the metallic powder to the Hydra Clear for Metallic E.