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New Frame Trade-In Program 21" x 28" OD

  • SAVE 26%
  • New Frames! Quality, Brand New Frame at Re-Meshed Prices
  • Stop Waiting to Get Your Frames Re-Meshed

How It Works

1) Order New Frames.
Order online, or mention the Frame Trade-In Program when calling in your order. Trade-In frames must be aluminum, but can be any of the sizes listed below and you may trade-in one frame size for another. For example, you may trade-in an aluminum 20" x 24" for a discounted, brand new 23" x 31" frame.
*Frame size must be either 20” x 24” OD, 21" x 28" OD, or 23” x 31” OD.

2) Ship Back the Old Frames. Screens must be returned clean (free of ink) with mesh removed from screen (cut mesh from screen). To ensure prompt service please put your company name and order number on the box.

3) New Frames Shipped to Your Door. Once we receive your old frames, we will ship out your new frames (All items on order are shipped together.  Please place a separate order if you need these items on quicker). These frames are not re-meshed, they are brand new aluminum frames.

Question: I didn't buy the frames from Atlas that I intend on trading-in. Can I still send the frames in and receive the New Frame Trade-In Price?
Answer: Yes, you can send them in as long as they are cleaned up and aluminum with any of the following dimensions 20” x 24” OD, 21" x 28" OD, or 23” x 31” OD.

Question: Can I return Roller Frames?
Answer: No, not at this time. We are only taking static aluminum frames.

Question: Can I return 23 x 31 OD Frames or 21 x 28 Frames and receive 20 x 24 OD Frames with the Trade-In Program?
Answer: Yes, you can return any of the listed frame sizes and receive any other size frame and mesh count.

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