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QMX plastisol textile inks make up QCM's Quick Match System which can be used to create Pantone® colors or used alone as direct print plastisol inks.

QMX ink is very soft, smooth and exhibits excellent printing characteristics while producing a very nice printed finish. Due to its texture and printability, higher mesh counts may be used, resulting in soft hand finishes.

QCM Plastisol Ink contains no leaded pigments and, when properly disposed of, has no environmental impact.

83-305 t/in
Higher mesh counts may be used with a possible loss of opacity.

70 Durometer, Straight Edge

Any direct emulsion or capillary film

Cure Temperature:
325˚F (162˚C) entire ink film, over a 60-90 second period, depending on oven type and thickness of ink deposit.
A thicker deposit will take longer to cure as the heat must penetrate through the entire ink layer.

Clean Up:
Any environmentally safe plastisol screen wash

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