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Terms and Conditions: Color Matching

I am agreeing to the following by placing this order. I have read and agree to any of the above statements or information. I am authorized to make this decision. I have checked this order for accuracy and understand that any inaccuracies provided are at my expense. I understand that this product is a special order and can not be returned or canceled once the mixing process has begun. I understand this product is a color sample and is non-returnable. I also understand that these Color Matching Terms and Conditions are in addition to Atlas Screen Supply Company's regular Terms and Policies.

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This product is a pint sample in order to check for color accuracy.

Color matching is available to help our customers to achieve specific color tone. The Pantone Color Guide coated formulas designated with a "C" after the number should be used a reference guide.

Atlas Screen Supply Co. will match the color according to International Coatings Ultramix™ Color Formulation Tool.

Please Note: Pantone Color Matches are made with the International Coatings Mixing Bases. This may result in color shifts from previous colors ordered in either the QCM QMX or PC mixing systems.

Below are some options we offer to help assure accuracy. This approval form must be filled out before the color matching process can begin.

Please Note: Color Matching takes between 1-3 days depending on volume. If you have other items in your cart that need to be shipped immediately please order them separately as the color matching process may delay your order.

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