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Atlas polyurethane squeegees are color-coded by durometer for your convenience. These squeegees are high solvent and abrasion resistant, reducing the swelling during printing and helping to maintain a sharper edge for longer. High quality squeegees will increase the quality of your prints and shop productivity.

  • 60 Durometer - Red
  • 70 Durometer - Green
  • 80 Durometer - Natural
  • 90 Durometer - White

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70/90/70 Triple Duro Squeegee
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    BLADE ONLY Atlas Polyurethane Squeegees are color coded for your convenience. They have both a high solvent and abrasion resistance. This reduces the swelling during printing and helps maintain a sharper edge longer. This increases your quality during your print run and increases productivity. Size: 3/8"W x 2"H Full Roll Length: 144" Squeegee Color: Green/White/Green Durometer: 70/90/70