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  • Works with water-based and plastisol inks
  • Cost effective alternative to aerosols
  • Easy application
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This Universal Pallet Adhesive has been specially formulated for use with all textile decorating ink systems and garments to securely hold garments during the printing process. ReadyTack is a more efficient and cost effective alternative to aerosol adhesives. A single, properly applied, application will surpass the performance of other products currently available, greatly reducing the frequency of reapplication.

Application Instructions:

  1. Initially, ReadyTack should be applied directly onto a clean pallet. (If desired, ReadyTack can also be applied directly onto pallet paper as well.)
  2. Best results will be achieved when the ReadyTack is applied in an evenly distributed manner using a brush, roller, or ink scraping card.
  3. Flashing the pallet briefly after application will accelerate the drying process.
  4. As needed, product can be re-applied directly onto previously coated pallet.
  5. To remove ReadyTack which has been applied directly to the pallet, apply ICC 926 Spray/Wipe via light mist directly onto coated area and allow to dwell for 2-3 minutes. Then using a firm, sharp squeegee, draw a pass across the pallet towards a trash can, removing degraded product. If any residual ReadyTack remains simply reapply ICC 926 to affected area. Use a cloth damp with water as a final wipe over pallet.
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switch from Spray tack to Atlas Readytack

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<p>We recently made the switch from spray adhesive to the Altas Readytack and are very happy with the results! It takes a little practice, which I recommend doing on scrap, but once you have the feel of application, what a difference! Safer for the printers and environment inside the shop. No more stick residue all over everything and in the air- I highly recommend this product!</p>

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