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Ulano QX-7 Emulsion Quart
  • Ulano QX-7 Emulsion Quart
  • Ulano QX-7 Emulsion Quarts - Light Blue

For use with these types of Inks:

  • Solvent
  • UV
  • Plastisol
  • Water-Based*With Diazo Added
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Terms and Conditions: Freeze Alert

Emulsion Recommendations:

1. Smaller containers of emulsion such as quarts should not ship when the projected low temperature falls below 30 Degrees Fahrenheit during the shipping process.
2. Gallon size containers of emulsion should not ship when the projected low temperature falls below 10 Degrees Fahrenheit during the shipping process.
3. “No” weekend shipments for any size container when the projected temperature falls below 30 Degrees Fahrenheit during the shipping process.

I authorize Atlas Screen Supply Company to ship emulsions regardless of conditions and recommendations stated above. I acknowledge that shipping during these conditions is against the advice and normal shipping policy of Atlas Screen Supply Company. I also acknowledge that the product cannot be returned if damaged by extreme temperatures. I further realize it is my obligation to pay any and all invoices regarding these shipments and withholding payment due to product damaged caused by extreme temperatures is against this agreement.

In Case Emulsion is Received Frozen
1. Let emulsion stand at room temperature until completely thawed. Do Not Heat Emulsion Up By Alternative Means.
2. Mix emulsion before sensitizing to check if frozen

Signs Emulsion is Damaged
1. After thawing, emulsion is gelled
2. Clear gel spots on screens resembling pinholes

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QX-7 is a universal SBQ dual-cure emulsion with excellent resolution for industrial graphics and electronics printing (PCB and conductive traces), compatible with UV, virtually all solvent-based inks and some water-based graphic inks.

QX-7 is formulated for sensitivity to UV and near-UV-visible blue light, by means of UV LED and laser-based computer-to-screen exposure. It can be also exposed with traditional metal halide light sources.

QX-7 features very fast exposure speed, while offering wide exposure latitude. It provides non-tacky surfaces, high humidity resistance and offers superb wet strength, excellent resolution and edge definition.

QX-7 is resistant to virtually all solvents used in industrial and PCB applications. Due to innovative colorants used, QX-7 stencils are resistant to color fading and stencil discoloration upon water and solvent application. During printing, QX-7 exhibits excellent mechanical and chemical durability. By using specially optimized sensitizers, QX-7 facilitates excellent exposure light penetration, ensures thorough curing and offers very easy reclamation with stencils leaving no latent haze on the mesh after decoating.

  • Fast Exposing
  • Long shelf and coated screen life
  • Excellent abrasion resistance and durability
  • Excellent solvent resistance
  • Very good imaging properties
  • Dry-to-touch surfaces and excellent humidity resistance, reasonable water-resistance
  • Can be post-exposed for an additional water-resistance
  • Ideal for computer-to-screen UV LED and UV laser-based exposure units
  • Good see-through registration
  • Forgiving of poor mesh preparation
  • High Solids Content (38%)
  • Color - Light Blue

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