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*Terms and rate are subject to lease approval. Based on a 5 year lease.
Price: $5,200.00
Part No: WHOD64MP
Availability: Dropship 1-2 Weeks



The newly redesigned Odyssey Manual Printers are value priced industrial machines with high quality professional upgrades. This“Entry Level” machine is unmatched in its class. The Odyssey line is ideal for start-up operations such as home-based business, sporting goods retailers and other decorated apparel companies that want to add a screen printing department. Because of its durable design, the Odyssey will not only help you begin your business, it will also remain reliable as you continue to grow.

Max Screen Width - 25" Press Diameter -90"
- 6 Stations - 4

Warranty Information
All Workhorse Odyssey and Mach Manual Presses have a lifetime warranty. Items not included in warranty are springs, hog rings, nylon bolts, pallets and casters. All warranties are non-transferable.

Capture Fork & Bearing Registration System
Different from the nylon bolt style of the past, this system is derived from the same time tested registration used on all of our automatic presses. The system provides little to no wear and with no adjustments needed; this offers a lifetime of use with no fuss.

Quick Release Rubber Coated Aluminum Pallets
Floor model presses come standard with a quick release pallet and bracket system. Each press will also include a set of rubber coated aluminum pallets. This allows for quick change overs and pallet compatibility with other presses.

Print Head With Micro Registration
The new print heads include a spring loaded micro registration system with easy to adjust handles and knobs. The spring loaded system has minimal to no backlash when in use to allow for the smallest of on head adjustments.

Print Arm Cradle Bracket
This strengthened arm support system utilizes a flat plate, four point flush, mounted connection. This new bracket and connection provides a stronger more stable print arm with minimal pallet deflection.

Extended Center Shaft
The shaft is now twice as long and supported at the bottom. This provides over five times the strength as before and creates additional support to all portions of the press.

Covered Spring Cartridge
A covered die compression spring cartridge has replaced the exposed extension springs. The compression springs provide a longer life span and are available with multiple tension settings from the factory. Covering them below the print head also provides a more secure setting for the springs.

Honeycomb Turret Design
This re-designed turret provides an easier to use carousel with improved structural support.

Screen Printing Class