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Water Based Screen Printing Classes

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Fixer WF-N (Quart)
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Matsui Item #: MI301FIXN2 -

    An ECO-friendly, formaldehyde-free fixing agent that improves wash fastness in Matsui water based ink systems. Fixer WF-N can be used with the Matsui 301 Eco Series, Special Effect Inks, and Discharge Inks. Use at 1-4% (by weight)Inks with Fixer WF-N additive must be cured at 300-320°F for 3 minutesMilky-white in appearanceThere is no limited pot life with Fixer WF-N. This fixer does meet All RSL’s (Restricted Substance List) of all major brands.(Formerly Fixer N) ...

    Softener MG/Softener XA-1
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    Matsui Item #: MI301SMG -

      Softener MG is a silicone softener that helps the hand of a print. You can also blend in to waterbase inks at 10% to act as a foil release agent. Softener MG at 20% mixed in to water also makes an excellent cleaning solution for cleaning screens and mixing utensils.