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Home Based Equipment Package One

Price: $1,695.00
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HomeBased Equipment Package One is an excellent start to a home screen printing business looking to do multiple colors. A reliable and versatile four color one station press renders quality prints. The 16 x 16 Flash covers the print area with an even application of heat to cure your prints. A 6 Bulb UV Exposure Unit completes this package with the ability to produce your own screens.

Package One Includes:

4 Color 1 Station Press

16 x 16 Flash Unit - 120v - 1800w

Exposure Unit (6 bulb) - max screen size 20" x 24"

What else do i need? You need to produce film so that you can expose your screens. if you own an inkjet or laser printer it can be used with the appropriate film to make film positives. You will also need supplies to start printing. Supply packages are available here.

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