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Franmar Textile Kit
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Don't know what to buy for you shop? Try two different ink degraders along with Franmar's STRIP-e-doo (emulsion remover), D-HAZE (haze remover,) Un-Lok (screen unlocker) and D-GREASE (screen degreaser). This kit of low odor, safe, biodegradable screen cleaning products is a great way to find the best products for your shop.

Includes One (1) Quart Of Each:

  • BEAN-e-doo (Plastisol Ink Remover)
  • Un-Lok (Screen Unlocker)
  • STRIP-e-doo (Emulsion Remover)
  • D-HAZE (Haze Remover)
  • D-GREASE (Screen Degreaser)
  • Color Change (On Press Ink Remover)

Two (2) White Biggee pads
One (1) Red Biggee pad
One (1) Reusable handle
Two (2) Heavy-duty trigger sprayers

Q: What kinds of emulsions are recommended for use with Franmar cleaners?

A: Most emulsions will work with Franmar's line of cleaners. Keep in mind that Franmar's environmentally friendly cleaners require the use of water during the clean-up process, so having an emulsion with some water resistantce is important.

Q: Franmar cleaners are softening my emulsion. Why?

A: One posible cause for this is that the emulsion is not fully cured. Another possibility is that it's not actually the cleaner softening the emulsion, but the water that is used to rinse the screen. The emulsion used needs to have some water resistance to it.

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