This package is for individuals or companies looking to automate their film separations and then create film positives for screen printing.

FilmMaker is ONLY compatible with PCs

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FilmMaker is only compatible with PCs

The FilmMaker v4 Suite is for individuals or companies looking to produce high-quality color separations using T-Seps Separation Suite and output film using FilmMaker v4, a RIP software used for the purpose of creating images with halftones and producing high-quality, dense film positives. This package also includes six (6) InstaInk Black Cartridges, which allows you to have the highest ink density possible for your film positive.
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Separation & RIP Software Package:

  • T-Seps 2.0 Separation Software** ($375) -Download Only
    T-Seps is a versatile Adobe Photoshop Plug-in that will automate your color separation process. Upgrade to the NEW T-Seps 3.0 or T-Seps 3.5.5 for $75.
    **Please review compatibility for the different versions of T-Seps to ensure you choose the version that's right for you.
  • FilmMaker DTP v4 Dongled Version RIP Program ($495)
    This program will allow you to create film positives with unmatched dot accuracy and density. The dongled version can be installed on multiple computers and multiple times.
  • InstaJet Waterproof Inkjet Film 13" x 19" - 100 Pack ($96.00)
    InstaJet is a quick drying waterproof inkjet film that has superior halftone retention. Its coating allows you to lay down a heavy layer of ink. Comes with (1) pack of 100 sheets.
  • InstaINK Dye Based Ink - All Slots Black ($139.00)
    6 Cartridges - all slots are black. This dye based ink is specially formulated with UV Blocking Dye Ink. Providing yourself with all black slots in your printer allows you to have the highest ink density possible for your film positive, ultimately creating a high-quality film positive with halftones that will transfer to your screen during the exposure process.

Also included...

  • Epson 1430 Printer (Up to 13" Wide Sheets) $399.99
  • USB 2.0 6 ft' Cord $12.95
  • Chip Resetter $19.95 (for re-aligning ink cartridges when needed)

Please Note: There are no returns on software once the product has shipped or access/serial numbers have been provided.

Filmmaker RIP Software