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Strip-E-Doo Emulsion Remover 5 Gallon
  • Strip-E-Doo Emulsion Remover 5 Gallon
  • Emulsion Remover (Strip-E-Doo) 5 Gallon
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Strip-E-Doo Emulsion Remover is specifically designed to penetrate and dissolve all types of emulsion as well as capillary film without weakening the mesh.

  • Built-In Degreaser
  • Changes Color When No Longer Active
  • Removes Any Brand of Emulsion or Capillary Film
  • Works Great to Reclaim Silkscreens


Strip-E-Door breaks down the toughest of emulsions, capillary films, and stencils without weakening the screen mesh. This powerful emulsion remover is formulated with a built-in degreaser that changes color when no longer active, saving time and money. Franmar’s Strip-E-Doo Emulsion Remover has revolutionized the once unpleasant process of screen reclaiming.

  • Non-Toxic
  • 100% Biodegradable

Q: Emulsion Remover is taking off some of my emulsion, but not all of it. Is the Emulsion Remover bad?

A: If the emulsion is not coming off in the thicker areas (generally the sides where the scoop coater leaves thick edges), try using more Emulsion Remover or more scrubbing. If the emulsion is not coming off in certain areas of the screen, a few different things may be occurring. First, the Emulsion Remover might be past its shelf life of 6 to 9 months. Emulsion Remover will begin to turn a light to rusty brown color when it has reached its shelf life. Second, there may be an under-curing or over-curing problem with the emulsion. Test to make sure the emulsion is being properly exposed. Third, some "hot" solvents used in cleaning (paint thinners and mineral spirits, for example) can begin to lock in emulsion. Try switching to one of Franmar's friendly ink cleaners.

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