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Crystalina Shimmer is a translucent, iridescent glitter flake in a very clear base. It is a press-ready plastisol used for creating special sparkling effects on garments. 

100% Cotton, cotton/poly blends and some 100% poly fabrics.

Test for possible dye migration or bleeding before beginning production.

Application Information

Crystalina Shimmer can be printed onto a garment as is, or printed over other colors to highlight areas of a design. When printing multiple colors, Crystalina Shimmer should be printed last. Shimmer should be printed without any modifications. If modification is necessary, use Atlas Curable Reducer. Add 1% to 5% by weight.

50-61 threads/in.

60-65 Durometer – beveled or sharp edge

Any direct or indirect plastisol resistant emulsion

325°F for entire ink film.
Test dryer temperatures and wash test printed product before and during a production run.

Wash Up:
Any environmentally friendly plastisol screen wash

Keep containers well sealed when not in use. Keep indoors and store in a cool area. Recommended storage at 65°-90°F. Avoid storage in direct sunlight or in extreme temperature conditions.


  • Pre-test ink with fabric for bleeding or dye migration before beginning a production run. Longer term testing is recommended for problem fabrics, as dye migration or bleeding may not occur immediately.
  • ONLY use Multipurpose Fluorescent Inks or Process Color Inks for tinting Crystalina Shimmer to other shades. Do not mix Crystalina Shimmer with opaque inks as they will block out or cover the flake.
  • Flash dry the underlying color. When printing Crystalina over the top of other colors or puff ink, it is best to flash dry the underlying colors.
  • Print Shimmer Last. Print shimmer last in the design to avoid excessive pick-up of the shimmer flakes.
  • The time/temperature cycle is very important when printing through very open mesh screens. It may take the thicker ink film a little longer to reach the proper fusion temperature than a standard ink. Always test for proper fusing before beginning a production run.
  • Too high of a temperature may reduce brilliance of ink
    Do not exceed recommended temperatures of 325°F or it may reduce the brilliance of Crystalina Shimmer
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