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  • Removes Cured Plastisol Inks
  • Dries Very Fast
  • Non-Flammable
  • No VOCs
  • Premium Blend
  • Removes Most Non-Food Stains

Need to remove a stain? Blast-Off is formulated to remove those Plastisol Ink spots that can occur from pinholes and accidents. It also removes most non-food stains. It dies quickly because you don't have time to waste. Try our premium spot removing blend.

Note: For Industrial Use Only

Storage: store product in a cool dry place.

Shipping Information: Please note product cannot ship air or international. This includes UPS Red, UPS Blue or UPS 3 Day Select. This product can not ship to Canada, Puerto Rico, Alaska, or Hawaii.

Q: Why does it appear that my gallon of Blastoff is going down even though I have not used it?
A: This product is filled to gallon level and then stored in a cool dry place. If after receiving it you store it in a warm environment the products vapors will cause the product bottle to expand. This will make it appear that the gallon has gone down when in fact the volume is the same. You can see this in action by losing the cap (expelling the trapped vapors) and pushing the bowed sides inward. This will show you the true level. If you place the gallon of Blastoff in a cool area (around 70 degrees F) then the bottle should return to its' original shape.

Safety Data Sheet

p95-warning-28x22.pngWARNING: This product contains a chemical or chemicals know to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reporductive harm: Tetrachloroethylene; Methlene Chloride.
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