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S.P.I.F. II is a unique cured ink remover which does not contain methylene chloride, perchloroethylene or trichloroethylene. Unlike Superkleen S.P.I.F. and other methylene chloride-based products, S.P.I.F. II does not evaporate so quickly that it produces a frost. S.P.I.F. II is a blend of halogenated hydrocarbons. S.P.I.F. II does not contain any ketones (like acetone or methyl ethyl ketone) and is not considered a flammable liquid with a flashpoint of over 141°F.

S.P.I.F. II utilizes new halogenated hydrocarbon technology in a blend to provide the physical properties needed for cured ink removal. S.P.I.F. II does not contain any class 1 or class 2 ozone depleting substances and is not regulated as a hazardous material for shipping purposes

Note: For Industrial Use Only

Shipping Information: Please note product cannot ship air or international. This includes UPS Red, UPS Blue or UPS 3 Day Select. This product can not ship to Canada, Puerto Rico, Alaska, or Hawaii.

AlbaChem SPIF II Spot Cleaning Remover TDS - EnglishTechnical Data Sheet (English)

AlbaChem SPIF II Cured Ink RemoverTDS SpanishTechnical Data Sheet (Spanish)

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