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LBX NP (Non-Phthalate) is a liquid plasticizer used for reducing the viscosity of standard plastisol inks.

The recommended proportion is 1% to 5% by weight.

Please Note: LBX is a non-curable viscosity modifier and if used in excess will cause fusing or curing problems. LBX should not be used in any low bleed inks as it will greatly lower the bleed resistance in those inks.

Recommended Fabrics: 
Match the reducer being used with the characteristics of the ink being modified.
For Example, LO-Bleed Reducer with Low Bleed Inks.

Screen Mesh:
Determined by the ink the reducer is mixed with

Any direct or indirect emulsion or capillary film in the 35 to 70 micron range

60-70 Durometer; Sharp, beveled or round depending on ink used

Cure Temperatures:
Determined by ink the reducer is mixed with

Any Eco-friendly plastisol screen wash

Storage of Ink Containers:
65° to 90°F - Avoid storage in direct sunlight; Keep containers well sealed

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