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Vastex's entry level conveyor dryer comes with a Hi/Lo heat adjustment and variable belt speed. This provides you with full control over your curing environment. This dryer is compact yet powerful due to the dense coil pattern and heater shields which eliminates hot and cold spots. With a 26" x 46" long conveyor belt, the D-1000 Compact Infrared Conveyor is sized to accommodate wider jackets and sweats, and wider printed images, than a Vastex sub-compact D100 Dryer with 18" belt. This conveyor dryer is ideal for any home based or small business looking for an economical dryer with a small footprint.

Optional 10 in. (25.4cm) front conveyor extension increases the standard of infeed of 15 in. to 25 in. for loading of heavier and larger garments.

Electric: 120V / 2050W / 16.5A / NEMA 5-20P
Production: 110+ Shirts/Hour* (Plastisol)
50+ Shirts/Hour* (Waterbased/Discharge)
Belt Dimensions: (L x W) 46 x 26"
Overall Dimensions: (L x W x H) 46" x 32" x 24"
Chamber Length: 18"
Chamber In-Feed Height: 2" - 7" (adjustable)
Heater Dimensions: 16" x 20"

  • 26" Wide synthetic coated fiberglass belt with tracking system
  • Infrared Focusing System: 2" - 7" belt-to-heater clearance, adjustable separately on each side for each heater
  • DC belt speed control
  • 3 Year Defect Warranty
  • 15 Year Heater Warranty


  • Low Cost Stand (wheels included)
  • 10" Conveyor Belt Extension
  • CALL TO ORDER: 240V / 2050W / 8.2A / NEMA 6-15P
    (800) 621-4173

*Rated Shirts/hr are approximations and are based on certain conditions including humidity, image size, substrate material, etc.

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Roseland, NJ

Great dryer for a small shop or start up!

<p>This dryer is excellent and has increased productivity in my shop! The footprint is small, but the belt (along with the 10" extension), really holds clothes, especially at the level we crank them out. The dryer has some trouble keeping up on short single color jobs, however, if you use a low cure additive, it'll keep up just fine! This dryer is incredible, and highly recommended. Vastex is a great manufacturer with excellent customer service and a great product! Looking into buying some more of their products. Atlas was also a great company to work with! They had my unit delivered incredibly quickly & were helpful with all of my questions before making the final purchase, I would highly recommend this dryer, other Vastex equipment, as well as Atlas!</p>


Great Little Dryer!

We bought this dryer from Atlas, and 3 days later it was in our shop!! The folks at Atlas were extremely helpful (shout out to Tina for being so nice).

The dryer does exactly what they said it would do, and more! We couldn't be happier with our experience with Atlas, and highly recommend them!

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