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ICC 935 Emulsion Remover is ready to use, fast acting and capable of removing difficult emulsion systems for total reclaim. Compatible with both direct/indirect emulsions and capillary film.

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**After ink has been removed with ICC 926 Spray/Wipe and/or 931 Ink Degradent**

**After ink has been removed with ICC 926 Spray/Wipe and/or 931 Ink Degradent**

1. Pour ICC 935 Emulsion Remover into a chemical resistant spray bottle for easy application. Do not dilute product.
2. Apply 935 Emulsion Remover to wet screen on both sides of the mesh and allow to dwell for approximately 60 seconds
3. Remove residue with a water rinse, using a pressure washer will provide the best results
*If emulsion is difficult to remove, increase dwell time and/or use a heavy duty scrub brush to agitate the product into the emulsion before using a pressure washer to remove emulsion
Application Pro Tip for Reclaiming Multiple Screens:
1. Apply 935 Emulsion Remover to both sides of a wet screen, quickly scrub each side with a scrub brush to better disperse product and loosen emulsion. Do not rinse.
2. Set screen aside and repeat Step 1 with the next screen.
3. Place screens back-to-back with mesh facing towards each other (this allows the screens to better soak in the chemical)
4. Move onto the next set of (2) screens and repeat steps 1-3.
5. At this point, user should have (4) screens coated with 931 Ink Degradent and each pair of screens should be facing mesh-to-mesh.
6. Using a pressure washer, rinse the 1st screen in your cycle. Repeat for the rest of the screens in your cycle.
***Do not exceed 4-6 screens at a time, as the drying of 935 Emulsion Remover will have the adverse effect. Ideal number of screens in your cycle will be dependent on the type of emulsion used. Typically, pure photopolymer emulsions will be most effective at 2-4 screens in the reclaim cycle and diazo/dual-cure emulsions will be most effective at 4-6 screens in the reclaim cycle.

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