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Stain Removal and Degreasing – your finishing step takes out any residual stain or ghosting, leaving your screen degreased, like new and ready to use again. Stencils adhere readily to mesh cleaned with 858.

  • Non-Caustic formula is safer to handle
  • Easier on mesh than highly caustic solutions
  • Renews hardened mesh with degreasing action as it removes all traces of stains.
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this is the best DEGREASER ive ever used!

i really like this over the liquid degreaser! no more breathing in nasty fumes. put it on the scrubber and go to town! chormablue seems to like it also i have had NOT even had a pin hole one yet so far 8 months of use!

was shown this at the screen printing class in Chicago what a game changer.

Salt Lake City

The Best Degreaser Ever

<p>I've been screen printing for 20 years and this is hands down the best degreaser I've ever used. It removes stains better than some of the caustic haze removers I've used and it has a pleasant odor. Highly recommended. I'll never use anything else.</p>

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